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Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

Marathon is a sport that tests perseverance. Only those who can stick to their goals and accomplish them can accomplish it. A marathon medal brings not only glory, but also a symbol of self-fulfillment.

The standard chartered Singapore marathon (SCSM) has become a major event on the Singapore sports calendar. Every year, on the first Sunday in December, thousands of participants from all walks of life pass by some of Singapore's iconic landmarks, such as gardens by the bay or seaside squares. Marathoners can also run under the lights of orchard road and enjoy the festive atmosphere.The participants can get a standard chartered singapore marathon medal ,under armour running singlet,finisher tee,gold towel,digital race photo ,running mesh bag,sunglass and plus more freebies.

The marathon is a considerable distance and should only be taken up by runners who are committed to several months of dedicated training. Individuals who are new to the sport of running may wish to start with a shorter distance and then move up to a marathon once confident they can safely complete the 42.195km.


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