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Enamel Cancer Ribbon Pin

This Cancer pins can be a gifts ,To a friend or family menber that were just diagnosed with Cervical Cancer .As a cancer sufferer,it will bring you courage and belive. that will be a really appreciate anything that will help research in beating this disease expecially if you recently had surgery .
When you have someone you know and love go through this horrible disease, it's so hard to help them because the pain they are going through is something you can only help so much. By wearing the pin, it shows my support not only for my person but for every cancer patient out there. It helps spread awareness and it shows that we are part of their fight. We may not be able to wish away their pain but we are there to hold their hand, be by their side, and fight this horrible disease till the end with love and support.
what is more , It can make more people aware of this deadly, disfiguring Cancer.It would most certainly way to spread awareness to family and friends  and a small reminder that we should protect ourself and keep a heath body.
To those who lost their family who were unluckly to got cancer ,   wear this pin  bought with much pride and a heavy heart. No one fights alone!!!
Makes you more proud to work in your profession and caring for patients with liver cancer.

Once touched by cancer, it never goes away. This one little pin is recognized universally and encourages the opening to a conversation. May all survivors and supporters continue to carry the message!!

We can understand how important it is to express your support when someone you care about has cancer. We offer meaningful and inspiring badges in various colors of cancer awareness. Whether it's breast cancer, lung cancer or prostate cancer, we can help make a difference and customize according to your require. Browse our cancer awareness products , find perfect gifts for loved ones, commemorate the dead or celebrate a survivor, even yourself.

Appendix Cancer - Amber
Bladder Cancer - Marigold / Blue / Purple
Brain Cancer - Grey
Breast Cancer - Pink
Carcinoid Cancer - Zebra Stripe
Cervical Cancer - Teal / White
Childhood Cancer - Gold
Colon Cancer - Dark Blue
Esophageal Cancer - Periwinkle
Gallbladder / Bile Duct Cancer - Kelly Green
Head and Neck Cancer - Burgundy / Ivory
Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Violet
Kidney Cancer - Orange
Leiomyosarcoma - Purple
Leukemia - Orange
Liver Cancer - Emerald Green
Lung Cancer - White
Lymphoma - Lime Green
Melanoma - Black
Multiple Myeloma - Burgundy
Ovarian Cancer - Teal
Pancreatic Cancer - Purple
Prostate Cancer - Light Blue
Sarcoma / Bone Cancer - Yellow
Stomach Cancer - Periwinkle
Testicular Cancer - Orchid
Thyroid Cancer - Teal / Pink / Blue
Uterine Cancer - Peach
Cancer Caregiver Gifts - Plum
Honors Caregivers - Plum


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