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About us

Looking for gifts for important event ?

Brand your gifts with your logo or message at very competitive cost.

something special for important event ?

why not design or manufacture your own logo ?

Our company is a professional metal crafts supplier. your premier custom lapel pin manufacturer and supplier, offering  custom pins ,coin and medal to meet any needs .With many years of production and marketing experience, professional design Division and after-sales service team.  Can better control cost, quality and delivery time, can design and produce according to customer samples or drawings, provide customers with safe, reliable and high-quality products, with absolute strength to ensure customer supply and quality requirements. From product development and design drawing, mold manufacturing, plating, coloring and other integrated services.

We are dedicated to product promotion, information feedback and customer service. We have produced a large number of business gifts and promotional activities for many well-known companies. Through the small bond of gifts, we have built a bridge between enterprises and customers and improved The popularity of the enterprise has won more business opportunities for the enterprise.
Our main products: commemorative coins, wedding gifts, holiday gifts, company gifts and custom crafts and other multi-channel products. Provide customized one-stop service for corporate gift planning. Successively completed production tasks for different enterprises, groups and activities such as government, military, banking, technology, information, aviation, government, transportation, finance, electricity, education and other enterprises.


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Contact: Cora Chen


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